You Are Invited!


21 Day Fix Challenge Group

Starts April 27, 2015

To get your copy of 21 Day Fix  or 21 Day Fix Extreme

For BEST results include Shakeology in a Challenge Pack

I am SO excited for you to see what YOU can accomplish in 21 days! Message me if you have questions!

Heather Dubay

2 thoughts on “You Are Invited!

  1. Can you give me a little more info on what the 5 people will be doing as a group or individually ? I’ve never had a coach before and I do not know how things work. I have looked up the 21 day fix program and read some about it. Thank you for your help!

    1. Absolutely! The people in the challenge group do their own workouts in the privacy of their own home (unless you invite some of your friends to do it with you). The private FB group is to provide information, answer questions you may run into, give encouragement and provide accountability in a safe (read judgement free zone). We all do better when we have someone on our team to encourage us! As your coach, I lead the group, post videos, give nutrition tips, and generally act as your personal cheerleader. 🙂 I would gladly answer any more questions if that doesn’t completely satisfy your question.

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