Food Prep Friday: Time Saving Tip The Food Processor

Medication Free!

If you struggle with depression, what are some of the ways you have tried to control it?



Disclaimer: If you are struggling with depression I highly recommend you seek out a counselor who is familiar with treating it and can help you find strategies that will work for you.

Food Prep Friday: 3-4 Meals from “Family Sized” Chicken Packs

It’s Not About the Numbers

Food Prep Friday: Crock Pot Chicken


The “Sticky Chicken” recipe was originally posted on the Newlyweds-blog

You’ve Finished Your Program. Now What?

You Are Invited!


21 Day Fix Challenge Group

Starts April 27, 2015

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21 Day Fix Extreme Day 21


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21 Day Fix Extreme Day 18

21Day Fix Extreme Day 15